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Classroom Expectations & Procedures



1) Be respectful to others.
2) Bring the following items to class each time: pen, pencil, notebook paper, folder  and laptop.
3) Go to the restroom and get water before class. During class time, you may  go to the restroom one at a time if we are working independently.   
4) Do your own work.
5) After coming to class, be in your seat and ready to start class.
6) Food, gum, and drinks are not allowed.



1) All test grades are equal to five daily grades. Test grades include tests,  folder grades, and project grades.  All other grades are daily grades.
2) All work not done on the computer must be done in blue or black ink unless  you are given different instructions.  Assignments will not be accepted if they are not done in blue or black ink.
3) You will be given time in class to work on assignments and may  turn them in if you finish.  Assignments that are not completed in class will  need to be finished outside of class and will be due the next time that you come.  
4) Many assignments will have to be done using your computer.  If your parents have not given their permission for you to take your computer home  each day, you will have to complete any incomplete assignments at other times  during the school day.
5) Late work or incomplete work will not be accepted.  

Laptop Procedures

1) Bring your laptop to class each day.
2) Remember to charge your computer the night before.
3) Bring your charger to school each day.  
4) Laptops may not be opened until you are told to do so.
5) Hold your laptop with both hands when removing from case and when carrying.
6) Bring your laptop to class in sleep mode to avoid long boot-up times.   When you leave a class you can close your laptop and it will go to sleep.  
7) You may not be engaged in unauthorized communication or entertainment  during class time.
8) Shut down your laptop only when given permission.


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